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Hindi Seva Mandalche, Shri Sant Gadge Baba Private Industrial Training Institute, Bhusawal.


Hindi Seva Mandal :- Established as registered society in 1950. By many home grown entrepreneurs to carry out optimistic , philanthropic activities and to implement their foresight vision of helping and educating the society at large. From a humble beginneng with a handful of students and blessing of late Prime Minister P.Jawharlalji Nehru, Lal Bahadur Shastri, Indira Gandhi and many more, today the Mandal has crossed the milestone of completing 60 years of glorious service to the community. A remarkable honour indeed!!!

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            " To import quality education a many students by enhancing their learning aptitude and gearing.Them, with intellectual, Physical, analytical and practical capabilities."


              To build a skill man who will inherit the future so as to meets. The needs of commerce and industry by providing human resources with required knowledge skills and development of industry sectors.


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